I majored in Communication & Multimedia Design at the Hogeschool van Arnhem en Nijmegen. I graduated with merit on 31 January, 2014, and received my degree on 13 Februari, 2014. My full title is Bachelor of Information and Communication Technology. I completed the four year course in a total of three years. My grades can be viewed below.


Ik heb de opleiding Communication & Multimedia Design gevolgd aan de Hogeschool van Arnhem in Nijmegen. Ik ben op 31 januari 2014 afgestudeerd met genoegen en heb op 13 februari 2014 mijn diploma ontvagen. Mijn volledige titel is Bachelor of Information and Communication Technology. Ik heb de vierjarige opleiding in drie jaar afgerond. Mijn cijfers worden hieronder vermeld.


Subjects Grades

Foundation year (propedeuse)
[Re]Design Redesigning a website for children (Kids Week) and building it with basic HTML and CSS. 7
[Re]mediate Designing for brands, including logo design and creating and printing a magazine (InDesign) for my personal brand. 6
Direct E-Mail Advertisement via e-mail, and personalising it with Microsoft Access 7
Immersive Space Building an immersive space in Adobe Flash with interactive elements 7
Portal Business models and developing an intranet that fits the needs of the company 6
ProjectSmall project where we developed a viable plan to inform new students thinking about this field of study 7
WikiWriting informative and persuasive texts for various audiences 7

Main phase
Audio Visual Communication Theory of Audio Visual communication. The history, specific uses and ways of utilising them. 7
Audio Visual DesignDesigning and creating motion graphics with After Effects ad video editing in Premiere Pro. This resulted in 3 video’s. 7
Create a Game Project With the project group we designed and created a game for iPad. I was part of the Art team and created elements for the game with 3DS-Max. 7
Create Audio and Visuals for Internet ProjectThe overall project resulted in a live show broadcast on the internet. I did the lighting for this on my own. A side project involved small teams (4 people) that created short infographics to be aired during the live show. For this I wrote a script, storyboard and oversaw our side project. 7
Develop and Maintain an E-Community ProjectFor the project we found an external company (movie theatre) for which we designed and created and e-community with Joomla. I was in charge of the creation of the actual site. 8
Final Project (afstudeerstage) Internship at RadboudUMC where I focused on Visual Information Design, designing for e-learning materials and their usability. For more details, see my LinkedIn 8
Game ArtGame Art focused on 3D modeling and storytelling, specifically in games. 8
Game PlayGame Play teaches game design, balancing and theory. 8
Group Cultures and Community DesignTheory of online communities, different group cultures and how to adapt design to let a community flourish. This included company cultures and analysing businesses. 8
Internship Internship at JoHo where I analysed all the online communication channels and advised on improving them, after doing usability tests and restructuring the information, as well as several other tasks. For more details, see my LinkedIn. 9
Online Dynamics and ConceptingAnalysis of online communities, the roles of members in a community and how to maintain a community. Also covered how to design marketing to go viral. 8

All courses are scored from 1-10, with 1 being terrible and 10 being excellent.