A story I started when I was 21 with the intention of turning it in a book series. In fact, I’m still working on it. It’s one of the first stories I attempted to write in English to broaden my potential reader pool. In this particular passage, the teenage son of the family meets his new Elven nanny for the first time. He has not seen an Elf before.

Een verhaal dat ik ben begonnen toen ik 21 was met het idee er een boekenreeks van te maken. Ik schrijf hier nog steeds aan. Het is een van de eerste verhalen die ik in het Engels schrijf om de potentiële doelgroep te verbreden. In deze passage ontmoet de tienerzoon Damien voor het eerst zijn elfoppas. Sterker nog, hij heeft nog nooit eerder een Elf gezien.

He looked at her. She had long blonde hair which hung loosely around her hips. Her face was round with a delicately pointed chin. Her nose was small and playful, her big red eyes had a glint of amusement in them. Her cheekbones made the whole face look perfect. The tiny mouth was not too tiny, nor too big, it was rather… perfect. The rosy lips seemed soft, just like the rest of her skin. She took good care of herself and it showed. The dress she wore was light blue with a few white ornaments at the edges. One line of white circles went from her left shoulder across her breasts and disappeared over her hips. The cleavage was decent but revealed enough to show that she had firm and somewhat large breasts. Her waist was slim and her hips were curved like an hourglass. Her long legs were accentuated by the shoes she wore which made her stand on her toes a bit. He had never seen such shoes before. They were white and stainless, and had a small heel underneath them. Why anybody would make such shoes he would’ve wondered if he hadn’t seen the effect for himself. She was the woman he always dreamed of seeing, the woman he longed to have and the woman he could never have.
She was his new nanny.
She smiled at him and hooked a strand of hair around her ear. It wasn’t until then that he noticed how big her ears were. Strangely enough this did not undo her beauty. If possible, they might even add to it. They were long and pointy and only if she shook her hair forward were they covered. A delicate silver chain hung from the tip of her right ear to her right earlobe.
‘If you are done staring, would you mind sharing your name with me?’
He ripped his gaze away from her body and was startled to find that she was amused. ‘I’m sorry, I have never seen an… elf before.’
‘It is okay, if it stays with this first time. Now, please, what is your name?’
He felt his stubbornness growing. He tried to stop it but failed. It made him angry. It was this part of him his parents didn’t understand. He did try. He tried very hard but failed all the time.
‘Didn’t my parents tell you that?’
‘Yes, but I would like to hear it from you.’
He folded his arms and looked purposefully at the sofa. ‘Damien.’
‘Damien, nice to meet you. I am Niaela Leaverweigh.’
She extended a hand. Reluctantly he shook it. ‘Nice to meet you,’ he mumbled.
‘Now, I heard you had some issues with the curfew your parents set? Could you tell me why?’
‘I already told them but they don’t believe me.’
‘Miss Leaverweigh, he keeps making up excuses,’ his dad interrupted. ‘Every night he is late and every night there is some lousy explanation usually blaming everything but himself!’
‘Would you mind if I talked to Damien alone for a bit? I’d like to hear his side.’
His dad looked stunned. She smiled that wonderful smile of hers again and his dad gave in. ‘Alright, you’ll know what is best.’
‘So,’ she said, focused back on him. ‘What about it? Have you got a girlfriend or something?’ She winked.
He looked at her shocked. ‘Me? A girlfriend?’
‘Well, yes! It is not strange for a fine-looking young man like you to have a girlfriend, now is it?’
Fine-looking? Him? He felt his cheeks flush. ‘Well, I wouldn’t really say…’ He sighed to regain his calm. ‘I do not have a girlfriend.’
‘Then what else is keeping you out every night?’
‘Not much, I just lose track of time.’
‘I don’t know! Yesterday I was out with friends and we were just talking and suddenly it was too late!’
‘Do your friends have a curfew?’
‘No, they think it’s ridiculous.’
‘They can just stay out all night and go home when they feel like it?’ Niaela asked.
‘No, most of them have to tell where they are going and usually their parents tell them to be home around some time they think is reasonable but my friends never pay that much attention. They just say “yeah, yeah, relax, I’ll come home” and then they go home whenever they want. But their parents are okay with that!’
‘I do not think so, though. I think their parents do get angry but they act tough towards the other guys.’
‘Okay, how is this: I will talk to your parents to set your curfew a half an hour later, which would be half past ten, then you can show you cán make a curfew.’
‘Can’t, I am grounded,’ he growled.
‘I’m sure I can work it out with your parents. But I want you to set an alarm at ten so you can’t lose track of time. And you should be home preferably five minutes or more before the curfew. This is so that if you do get a flat tire or anything else comes up, you can still make it. It also shows them that you try. Furthermore, if you are even so much as one minute late, you will be grounded for a month. Is that okay with you?’
He thought about it. The alarm sounded stupid, but maybe it’d help. His friends would laugh at him though… But he could tell them about this hot nanny he had. This could work. He nodded. ‘Fine. If you can talk them into that, I’ll be on time.’