Autminds is a non-profit organisation arranging a event/conference-type day for (and by) people with an autism spectrum disorder. They approached me to create the design and website for them. I made the design and did a part of the creation but the other part of building the website was done by my freelance partner. The logo was made by them. Besides design of website I also advised them on usability aspects. The site was supposed to be very text-heavy and I gave them advice on how to approach texts for websites. We also went through options of sign-ups and contact forms.

When I started this project, there was nothing known. No logo, no corporate identity, no style guide. I designed the website based on their wishes, target audience and expected feel of the event itself. We decided early on it would be done in WordPress so the team can easily edit posts and add news messages, etc.
The website can be viewed live here: Autminds. It is not finished at the moment.

Mockup for Autminds.

Mockup for Autminds.

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